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       May 21, 2004


"We grow and thrive by the daily
 triumph of integrity."

 -- Harley Hahn

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages, 2004 Edition

What do Martha Stewart, Jesus, Queen Elizabeth I,
Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad, Ralph Nader, and
Genghis Khah all have in common?

The answer is: I have written interesting essays
about all of them for the new 2004 edition of
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages.

If you are a veteran subscriber to this newsletter,
you will notice that it's been a while since I
sent you anything. The reason is I have been
working hard to finish the newest edition of my
Yellow Pages book, and it is now complete.

Within the new edition, I have covered over 3,600
different topics, each of which is annotated with
Internet resources. In total, there are 16,000
resources — Web sites, Usenet discussion groups,
mailing lists, and IRC channels — the best the
Net has to offer, as selected by my researchers
and me.

The 2004 Edition is available through a
subscription Web site called The Harley Hahn
Experience. Once you join, you'll not only have
access to the full Yellow Pages, you'll be able to
read two other books, Harley Hahn's Internet
Advisor and Harley Hahn's Internet Insecurity.

In addition, you'll enjoy a variety of other
features including Ask Harley, Harley Hahn's
Tidbits, and Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds.  For
children and families, there's a special kid-safe
area called The Little Nipper's Internet

Best of all, every link you encounter is live, so
all you have to do is point, click and explore.

The Harley Hahn Experience...

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages, 2004 Edition...

What's new for 2004?...

An Exhibit of My Paintings in Santa Barbara, California

Do you like art?  If so, let me invite you to
visit my online gallery:


If you'd like to see my work in person, the
paintings are on display in Santa Barbara,
California, between now and the end of June.

Information about the exhibit:


Would you like to learn more about abstract art?
Take a look at my essay, Understanding Abstract Art:


-- Harley Hahn