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      March 26, 2004


"Everything you need is in here somewhere."

 -- Harley Hahn

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
      2005 Edition is ready!

Every year I write a lot of new material for the
new edition of my Yellow Pages book. Every year,
it takes me much longer than I planned, and every
year it turns out better than I expected.

This year, I am especially happy with the new
edition, and I think you will be too.  (You can
read it online.  I'll explain how in a moment.)

Before I introduce the new edition, however, I'd
like to tell you a bit about the book itself.

12 years ago, just as the Internet was starting to
become popular, I published a brand new book
called "The Internet Yellow Pages".  This was long
before the Web existed and, at the time, there was
no easy to way to find Internet resources.  People
who found interesting resources would share them
with each other, either in person or by email but,
aside from that, there was no simple to find new
and interesting things on the Net.

In the olden days, the Yellow Pages Book was
nothing more than a comprehensive directory. At
the time, even a directory was a big deal, and the
book was able to fill an important need.  In fact,
in it's time, Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages,
as the book came to be called, became the best-
selling Internet book in history.

Over the next few years, the Internet changed. The
Web was developed, search engines were created
and, before long, people found it a lot easier to
find resources: Web sites, Usenet discussion
groups, mailing lists and so on.

Every year, I would revise the book to keep it up
to date and, for each new edition, I would cover
more and more subjects.  I found that I was not
satisfied any longer with merely collecting
Internet names and addresses.  I started  writing
essays and commentary on many of the topics.  By
the late 1990s, I had changed the book from a
simple directory into a personal encyclopedia of
life, annotated with thousands of Internet

By 2003, the book was huge.  Not only did it
contain a great deal of writing, but thousands of
individual Internet resources: the very best that
my researchers and I could find.  In that year, I
created a companion Web site, with all live links,
so people could read the book online and explore
the resources without having to retype long
addresses. In 2004, after having created 10 print
editions of the book, I decided to publish the
Yellow Pages only as an online product.

And so, it is with excitement and pride that I now
announce that the 2005 Yellow Pages is now ready.

In future newsletters, I will tell you more about
the book, and I'll show you some samples of the
new material I have added for 2005. In the
meantime, please feel free to explore on your own.
Here are a few places to start.

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
What's new in the 2005 edition?

In order to access Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow
Pages, you need to join a special Web site called
The Harley Hahn Experience.  Once you do, you will
have access to the full text of the 2005 Yellow
Pages, as well as a variety of other features,
including two other books.

For more information on The Harley Hahn Experience,
and how to join (there is a small fee), please

The Harley Hahn Experience

When you visit this Web page, you'll be able to
look at some of the content, so you can see what
all the fuss is about.

If you are already a member of The Harley Hahn
Experience, you can start exploring the 2005 Yellow
Pages right now:

Jump to Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages

-- Harley Hahn