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    December 29, 2009


"A very important skill is to
be able to feel ignorant without
feeling frustrated."

 -- Harley Hahn

Ask Harley

I love learning, and I love explaining.  Within "Ask Harley"
I will explain things you may have wondered about but never
really understood.  I have just added answers to the
following questions:

* Why is there no Channel 1 on broadcast television?

* How many different types of football are there?

* What color is insect blood?

* Of all the classic, science-fiction movies which
  are the ones I must see for sure?

When you get a moment, check out "Ask Harley",
where you will find a collection of fascinating
questions and answers covering a variety of

Ask Harley:

Writing+Art: Rita Greyson

Recently, I came across a poem that  in a strange
way  seemed to resonate with one of my recent
paintings, a large mural I created for an art
festival, so I put the two of them together.
The poem is a bit strange, but then so are my
paintings.  See what you think.

"All and every solar systematic rotation system
  within a system
Within a system condensed to a concentrated nucleus of
Electrons protons and neutrons in a complete
Solar central nuclear mass of time and space..."

"The Solar System Solution of Planet Earth":
The painting by itself: http://www.harley.com/art/paintings/mural.html ===================================================== Linux, Open Source Software, and Enterprise Computing ===================================================== Linux is the name of a large family of operating systems, widely used throughout the world. In fact, Linux controls many of the computers that run the Internet, including millions of Web servers. Closely tied to Linux is the idea of open-source software: programs whose internal workings are open to anyone (that is, not secret). Such programs are often distributed for free. This is the case with almost all Linux systems, as well as with many other programs, for example, the Firefox browser. These technologies are so widespread, there is a good chance whether you know it or not that you already own a Linux-based, open-source device: if not a personal computer running Linux, a cell/mobile phone, a PDA, a video game system, a digital video recorder, a GPS, a router, a security system, or perhaps even a robot. At the other end of the spectrum, Linux is often used to run the very largest computer systems the so-called enterprise systems used by large organizations around the world. If any of this touches your life in any way, you'll enjoy reading a special two-part essay explaining Linux, open source software, and enterprise computing. Indeed, if you are at all curious about what large companies do with their computers, you can now satisfy your curiosity. Part 1: Understanding Linux, Open Source Software, and Enterprise Computing: http://www.harley.com/writing/
Part 2: How Does Linux and Open Source Software Fit Into Enterprise Computing? http://www.harley.com/writing/
-- Harley Hahn