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The Solar System Solution
of Planet Earth
by Rita Greyson

The following is a poem written by the Southern California poet Rita Greyson, sent to me by her daughter Artisha Torres.

The poem has not yet been published officially, so I putting it on my Web site so you can enjoy it. If you are like me, you will see something new every time you read the poem.

The painting you see below is actually a mural I painted. Strangely enough, it seems to reflect the mood of the poem. To see a larger photograph of the mural, click on the image. Then come back and read the poem.

The Solar System Solution of Planet Earth
by Rita Greyson

All and every solar systematic rotation system within a system
Within a system condensed to a concentrated nucleus of
Electrons protons and neutrons in a complete
Solar central nuclear mass of time and space

"The Mesa Art Festival Mural" [2009] by Harley Hahn
Display a larger picture of this painting.

All elements scientifically equated equating
Into a completed numerical conclusion
To the answers of all life's existence
Disassembling through integrating of all fractions

Becoming disfractional and all equations becoming unequational
Uninterelated particles creating systematic information
In every action thought word spoken or accomplishment
Achieved of ideas invented before the beginning of time

Connecting to any invention man created
To govern the land in every component of
Earth air fire and water
Needed to create from all minerals and elements on earth

To form the electricity of positive and negative forces
Flowing through all the power systems
From the nucleus of the counterfeit energy
Utilized to sustain all life as man knows it

Through the limitations of life's physical existence
Made up of all molecules and atoms in the heavens
And all that is in the heavenly realm on earth
And all that's in the earth on the sea

And all that's in the sea billions and billions upon billions of
Of microscopic neuron transmitters
Signaling to every component on earth
Created for electrical communication and knowledge

Transporting into the very fiber of the human body
Connecting to the technological world of man's inventions
To control the foundation of the planet's sustenance
For existence to create society as one unit

Functioning under governed law
Through principles statutes and commandments of orders
To be followed and controlled by government systems
To set the life on this planet in a numerical code of ethics

A system of systematical equations set to be followed by different
Degrees of demands only to be enforced and completed the standard of
What qualifies that system for that specific degree and level
Of society to function in a repetitious cycle repeating

Over and over
Until this body function that had rights in every
Yoke pact seal and bond vow oath pledge and allegiance and covenant
Of national security ever spoken or ever written

Only to be signed in contracts and verbal agreements
Made before the beginning of time and existence itself
Is now put out of operation
Connected to the human body of every body system function

In God's image connected to the systems of the underground government
Is put out of operation made inoperative
Of no more effect this day of September 27th 2006
As the earth is still now evolving and revolving

Around the sun and
Joining into agreeance with all the other planets in this solar system
In this Universe God made by God and God alone is
Hereby proclaimed:


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