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Mrs. Underdunk the bookworm
Harley Hahn's World of Reading
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A Hollywood Education David Freeman
Advanced Sex Tips for Girls Cynthia Heimel
Air Force One Von Hardesty
Ambitious Men Srully Blotnick
Anthem Ayn Rand
Banquets of the Black Widowers Isaac Asimov
Basic Economics Thomas Sowell
Bowling, Beatniks, Bell-Bottoms Sara & Tom Pendergast (editors)
California Crazy and Beyond Jim Heimann
Call of the Mall Paco Underhill
Casebook of the Black Widowers Isaac Asimov
Close to the Machine Ellen Ullman
Collected Short Fiction of... Bruce Jay Friedman
Colonel, The Alanna Nash
Comfort Me With Apples Ruth Reichl
Complete Works of Aristotle Jonathan Barnes (editor)
Corporate Steeplechase, The Srully Blotnick
Dean and Me: A Love Story Jerry Lewis, James Kaplan
Designing Interfaces Jenifer Tidwell
Development Through Life Barbara Newman, Philip Newman
Door Into Summer, The *new* Robert Heinlein
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Dean Edell, David Schrieberg
...Elementary Particle Physics Martinus Veltman
Exploring the Matrix Karen Haber (editor)
Fame Junkies Jake Halpern
Forever Hold Your Banner High Jerry Bowles
Forward the Foundation Isaac Asimov
From Earth to Heaven Isaac Asimov
Garlic and Sapphires Ruth Reichl
Geek Love Katherine Dunn
Getting Rich Your Own Way Srully Blotnick
Graduate, The Charles Webb
Great Hollywood Wit Gene Shalit (editor)
Green Heart, The Jack Ritchie
Guest of Honor, The Irving Wallace
Harry S. Truman Robert Dallek
Here's Johnny Ed McMahon
Home School Charles Webb
House at Pooh Corner A.A. Milne
How to Read a Book Mortimer Adler, Charles van Doren
Ice Brothers Sloan Wilson
Industrial Light & Magic... Mark Cotta Vaz
Linux Command Line, The *new* William E. Shotts
Lost Artwork of Hollywood Fred E. Basten
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit Sloan Wilson
Man Who Saved Britain, The Simon Winder
Matthau: A Life Rob Edelman, Audrey Kupferberg
Me and a Guy Named Elvis Jerry Schilling, Chuck Crisafulli
More Tales of the Black Widow... Isaac Asimov
Negotiator, The Frederick Forsyth
Omnivore's Dilemma, The Michael Pollan
On the Road Jack Kerouac
Otherwise Engaged Srully Blotnick
Painted Word, The Tom Wolfe
Pioneer, Go Home Richard Powell
Planet That Wasn't, The Isaac Asimov
Plato and a Platypus Walk... Thomas Cathcart, Daniel Klein
Pour Your Heart Into It Howard Schultz, Dori Jones Yang
Prelude to Foundation Isaac Asimov
Primer of Freudian Psychology Calvin Hall
Puzzles of the Black Widowers Isaac Asimov
Quasar, Quasar Burning... Isaac Asimov
Real Frank Zappa Book Frank Zappa, Peter Occhiogrosso
Remembering America Richard Goodwin
Return of the Black Widowers Isaac Asimov
Should I Be Tested for Cancer? H. Gilbert Welch
Simpsons Comics Belly Buster
Stay Tuned Joe Garner
Sun Shines Bright, The Isaac Asimov
Tales of Space and Time H.G. Wells
Tales of the Black Widowers Isaac Asimov
Tender at the Bone Ruth Reichl
Thinking Makes It So James Brady
Thousand Sundays, A Jerry Bowles
Tipping Point, The Malcolm Gladwell
To Walk Among the Stones Arlene Graham
Tragedy of the Moon, The Isaac Asimov
Tyrannosaurus Prescript... Isaac Asimov
Ultimate Fitness Gina Kolata
Walt, Mickey and Me Paul Petersen
Who's Who in Wodehouse Daniel Garrison
Winnie-the-Pooh A.A. Milne
Wisdom of Crowds, The James Surowiecki
World of Jeeves, The P.G. Wodehouse
World of Mulliner, The P.G. Wodehouse