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Welcome to a comfortable place for people with
long attention spans to think, learn and have fun
— the Web site of Harley Hahn, the best-selling
Internet author of all time and the creator of…

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Santa Barbara Holiday Light Tour — Updated for 2022

Harley Hahn Interview #3 by Mischke

Editorial - Unfair Distribution of Talent: The Surrogate Cartoonist Act

Newsletter #74
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"Spam is more than a food."

— Harley Hahn's Internet & Web Yellow Pages, Fifth Edition (page 211)

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After a Disaster: My Tour of Montecito
My Experience as a Film Judge
Time Sense: Polychronicity and Monochronicity
Taking Control
Relationships and the Internet
(includes: The 8 Signs That Your Spouse Is Having an Online Affair)
Bits, Bytes and Bubblegum
I Remember: A Personal History of the Internet
The Secret of My Success
The Importance of Thank-You Notes
Coming to Terms With Our Mortality
Thinking About Death
Ashtanga Yoga Terminology
Large Group Awareness Training
Questions From an Iranian Soldier
Money and Economics
Home Page
Economics Explained
How Thinking Affects Investing
Understanding Money
Understanding Bankruptcy
     • Bankruptcy Glossary

Understanding Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Becoming Rich and Successful
How to Get Rich
The Island Syndrome
Home Page
Young Girls and Phones
Part I: Understanding the Island Syndrome
Part II: A Link Between Biology and Technology
Harley Hahn Art Center: home page
Understanding Abstract Art
Editorial - Unfair Distribution of Talent: Surrogate Cartoonist Act
Paintings by Harley Hahn
The Cleveland School abstract mural
The Art Factory abstract mural
How Much Is My Painting Worth?
A Letter to Architecture Students
An Artist From Iran
Holidays and Celebrations
Holidays and Celebrations: home page
Santa Barbara Holiday Light Tour
The Official Origin of Our Holidays and Celebrations
Is There a Santa Claus?
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
Questions and Answers
Ask Harley
Botany • Chemistry • Dance
Folklore, Myths and Legends
Freedom •  Government: United States
Literature Online: Books
Men •  Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Sports and Athletics •  Television •  Zoology
Stories by Harley Hahn: home page
Whatever That Is
Samantha and Gamle Nalle
Kalissa and the Elimeno
Makayla's Birthday Wishes
Her Last Cookie
Late One Night
What is the Ideal Dog?
Not a "Mad" Man
Harley Hahn's World of Reading
Why Should You Read? Your Key to Mental Fitness
Reading Resources on the Internet
Book Reviews: What is Harley Reading?
Book List Newest to Oldest
Book List by Author
Book List by Title
Interesting People: home page
Abraham Lincoln
Martha Stewart
Mohandas Gandhi
Genghis Kahn
Ralph Nader
Karl Marx
Martin Luther King Jr.
Adolf Hitler
People in Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
In Memorium
In memory of Murray Hahn
In memory of Sam Albert
Is There a Santa Claus?
Is There a God?
Harley Hahn Quotations
Random quotation
Random Unix quotation
The full archive
Quotable Women archive
Random quotation
The full archive
Interviews: 1993-2002
Harley Hahn Interviews: home page
October 1993 Interview with Harley by Voices from the Net
April 1998 Interview with Harley by Youthtopia
December 1999 Interview with Harley by
April 2002 Interview with Harley by The Boox Review
November 2002 Interview with Harley by InfoWorld

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages

Home page

Harley Hahn Books

General information
Harley Hahn's Guide to Unix and Linux
  • Special Material for Instructors and Students
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages
Harley Hahn's Internet Insecurity
Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor
Access the books online
Master list


10 Movie Plots
Little Weedly's Home Page
Holidays and Celebrations
Great Balls of Fire
How Do I Love Thee?
Harley Hahn's List of 25 Things to Do When You Should Be Working
Freddy the Pig
Harley Hahn's Amazing Multiplying Frames


The History of the Web
What is Web 2.0?
Turning Off HTML in Your Outgoing Mail Messages
How to Stop Underlining Links
Abbreviations and Slang Used While Talking on the Internet
Understanding Mailing Lists
Censorship of the Internet

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPN Quick Start Guide


Harley Hahn's Usenet Center: home page
Usenet Quick Start Guide
Usenet Hands-On Guide
Le petit guide illustré sur Usenet (en français)
Usenet Tutorial
Master List of Usenet Newsgroups
Usenet Glossary
Internet Resources


Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide
General Information About the Book


Unix/Linux Timeline for Students
Harley Hahn's Guide to Unix and Linux (textbook)
Special Material for Students and Teachers
General Information About the Book
Chapter List
Detailed Table of Contents
Internet Resources for Students
Linux, Open Source Software, and Enterprise Computing
Part I: Understanding the Basic Ideas
Part II: How Does It All Fit Together?
Teaching Unix and Linux
The Unix Model Curriculum
Unix as a Part of Computer Science
A Unix-Neutral Approach to Teaching
Course Outline: Semester
Course Outline: Quarter

The Harley Hahn Experience

What is the The Harley Hahn Experience?
Table of Contents
The Harley Hahn Experience Home page  
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages (full text of book)
Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor (full text of book)
Harley Hahn's Internet Insecurity (full text of book)
The Little Nipper's Internet Clubhouse (special Web site for kids)
Ask Harley (questions and answers)
Harley Hahn's Tidbits (more questions and answers)
Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds  

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• The photograph of Harley and his cat Little Weedly was taken by Dan Sullivan, professional photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

• Web design assistance was provided by Johanna MacLeod of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

• All the HTML and CSS code was written, by hand, by Harley Hahn.

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(But two of them got sick and threw up.)