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Understanding Money

The Internet Factor

Money is enormously important to us, as individuals and as a society. When the economy is healthy and stable, we are happy. When the economy is depressed, we all have problems.

In this essay, we have talked a lot about money and its history. We have also discussed what money means to us personally, and how it is affected by the Internet. To conclude the discussion, I am going to tie everything together by summarizing the factors that have the most important, long-term effects on our economy and our financial well-being. As you look at these lists, notice that the good factors (peace, global trade, democracy, and so on), are all enhanced by the Internet, and the bad factors, (war, economic isolation, and so on) are mitigated by the Internet.

The Internet does not exist in isolation. It has a continuing and ever-increasing influence on our lives and, as such it is an integral part of our world.

Factors that Encourage a Stable, Healthy Economy:

  • Peace
  • Global Trade
  • Democracy
  • Freedom of information
  • Central Banking
  • Politicians who think in the long term
  • Sophisticated computer technology
  • The Internet

Factors that Work Against a Stable, Healthy Economy

  • War
  • Economic Isolation
  • Totalitarian Regimes
  • Corruption
  • Cultural Isolation
  • Politicians who respond to short-term pressures

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