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Most writers I know don't want to talk about writing or even meet other writers.

One reason is that writing is a solitary occupation, something we do by ourselves, not something we talk about with other people. Thus, I have never found it useful or interesting to accept offers like, "My wife's cousin is also a writer, so you have a lot in common. Would you like to meet him?"

In my experience, writers who are dedicated to their craft generally do not enjoy spending time with wannabes who would rather talk than work. In fact, one of the most boring evenings I can remember was when a friend, who was hosting a large gathering for friends and family, decided that it would be a good idea if all the "writers" were placed at the same table.

And yet, literary curmudgeon that I am, I do have some friends who know how to write well, and whose work I admire.

One day, I was reading a poem sent to me by a friend, and it struck me that there is a natural pairing between well-written snippets of poetry or prose and the types of feelings invoked by a good painting. I found myself thinking: where might I find small bits of writing that would relate in this way to my own paintings?

The happy thought occurred to me that I could look among the best work of those writers whom I know personally and find a way to connect what they do as writers with what I do as an artist. The results?

To Walk Among the Stones by Arlene Graham

March Wind in June by Claudette Bass

The Solar System Solution of Planet Earth by Rita Greyson

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