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    February 12, 2007


"You don't learn so you can be happy.
 You learn so you can live well."

 -- Harley Hahn

Harley Hahn's World of Reading

What do you think is the most personal activity a human
being can engage in?  The answer is reading.

Consider this: Of all the people you have known in your
entire life, is there anyone who likes the exact same books
as you?  Of course not-- because, when it comes to reading,
there is no one in the world exactly like you.

Still, you do have a lot in common with other people who
like to read. Your mind works well; you know a lot; you
have patience; and you have developed your imagination.
Reading takes a lot of effort but, more than any other
activity, it makes you a smarter and better person.

For this reason, I have created a brand new Web site called
"Harley Hahn's World of Reading", where you'll find
interesting essays about reading, lots of book reviews
(written with my own special touch :-), and links to a wide
variety of free reading-related resources on the Internet.

But that's enough talk.  Enjoy...

Harley Hahn's World of Reading
   Why should you read? Your key to mental fitness
   Reading resources on the Internet
   Book reviews (fun to read): What is Harley reading?

List of books reviewed...
   ...From newest to oldest
   ...Alphabetical by title
   ...Alphabetical by author

(By the way, on the top of every page you will see a cute,
little bookworm.  Her name is Mrs. Underdunk.)

-- Harley Hahn