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     March 19, 2011


"Any idea that can be encapsulated in a
 single sentence will never be able to
 explain a significant portion of life."

 -- Harley Hahn

10 Movie Plots

Did you ever wonder who makes up the stories that are made
into movies?

Does thinking up movie ideas seem like fun to you?  I bet it
would if you were a professional writer?

"One night (it happened to be Thursday, August 7, 2008), I
was thinking about movies, and wondering what it takes to
write one.  The first thing, I realized, is that before you
can write a movie, or even a treatment (a summary), you need
a plot.  Then I started to wonder, how difficult is it to
come up with a viable movie plot? So I decided to try for

10 Movie Plots by Harley Hahn

What is Harley Reading? (Book Reviews)

1. Pioneer, Go Home

We all need some downtime and, for people who like to read,
it is especially relaxing to read something that is gently
entertaining.  Pioneer, Go Home is such a book, and I
found it while watching an old Elvis Presley movie.

"When I notice that a movie was adapted from a novel or
short story, I find it interesting to look up the original
source. So when I was watching the Elvis Presley film Follow
That Dream (1962) and saw that it was based on a novel named
Pioneer, Go Home, I requested the book from my local
library. Unexpectedly, I found a real gem..."

Read the review: Pioneer, Go Home

2. Fame Junkies

And touching on Elvis, one of the first things we think
about is how famous he was, both during his life and after
death.  In the end, being famous didn't work out all the
well for Elvis.  Nevertheless, many, many people are — right
now — doing their best to become as famous as they can.
Commenting on how and why they do is the theme of the book
Fame Junkies.

"The theme of this book is that fame is important to our
culture. Toward that end, the author shows us how fame is so
important to some people that they will put in enormous
effort and spend large amounts of money to become famous, to
have their children become famous, to worship celebrities
who are already famous, or to hang around or work for

Read the Review: Fame Junkies

3. Designing Interfaces

The last book I want to talk about is for a specialized
audience: people who design user interfaces for Web pages.
Whether or not this happens to be you, I bet you'll enjoy
reading the review.  After all, a book is a book is a book.

"There is no doubt that Jenifer Tidwell knows what she is
talking about.  Her book is full of useful information and
makes an excellent reference for Web designers.  Obviously,
Tidwell worked hard.  And yet, I feel wistful about this
book.  Perhaps I can explain why by telling you about Mr.
Price and Mr. Rutherford..."

Read the Review: Designing Interfaces


The book reviews I write are part of a larger project,
Harley Hahn's Guide to Reading. If you like reading,
I know you will enjoy this guide:

Harley Hahn's Guide to Reading

Book Reviews (main page):
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-- Harley Hahn