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Illustrated Hands-On Guide to Usenet

Consultez la version franšaise de ce guide.

Arranging for Usenet Access

In order to access Usenet, you need to have an account with a Usenet service provider. Typically, this costs about $5 to $30 a month depending on the level of service. To me, that's a bargain. There are many Usenet service providers, so you have a large choice. (I discuss this in detail in the tutorial.) Thus, the first thing you need to do is open an account with one of these companies.

There are a great many Usenet service providers, so you have a large choice. To make your decision easier, here is the short list of the Usenet providers I recommend personally:

Recommended Usenet Providers
Thundernews Free trial (3-day) • Free software + free search tool
Usenext Free trial (14-day) • Free software, high quality
Newsdemon Free trial (7-day) • High-quality, excellent reputation
Binverse Free trial (3-day) • Free easy-to-use search tool
Giganews Free trial (14-day) • Largest Usenet provider in the world
Astraweb Low-priced plans • Good value for the cost
Easynews Free trial (14-day) • Free easy-to-use Web interface

Notice that some of the Usenet providers offer a free trial, so you can try their service without spending any money. You do need to register with a credit card, but if you cancel within trial period there is no charge, so you have nothing to lose. Indeed, this is a great way to try out a Usenet service provider for free. (I have done it myself.)

So if you don't already have Usenet access — or you'd like to try a new provider — take a moment right now to click on one of the links above and sign up for a free (or inexpensive) Usenet account.

After you register, your provider will email you a welcome message that will contain your user name and password. Wait for that message to arrive — it shouldn't take too long — and then continue.

If you already have a Usenet account and you know how to access it, you can continue right now.

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