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The Art Factory
Mural at the Bell Arts Factory: Ventura, California
16 feet x 10 feet  Latex paint on cement
Harley Hahn, 2004


Work in progress: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7       Finished mural: 8 9 10

Image 10: The finished mural. In front of the painting is a photographer named Tai Kerbs. Isn't she lovely?

At the time (August 2004), Tai was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. As one of her student projects, Tai asked if she could photograph the mural. One day, when Tai was taking a break from her project, she took the wonderful black and white photo of me you can see at the top of the main page. Here you see a photo I took of Tai, standing in front of the finished painting.