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To Walk Among the Stones
by Arlene Graham

Arlene Graham is a Southern California novelist with a husband, a son, and a most interesting inner life.

I first met Arlene at a book fair, where I bought a copy of her novel "To Walk Among the Stones" and asked her to autograph it for me. As I read the book, I found myself being drawn into the characters, the settings, and the development.

Arlene is a slow writer, an accomplished stylist who takes months, even years, to write, re-write, and re-write some more, letting her stories grow over time until she has exactly what she wants.

Over the years, I have been able to talk with Arlene several times, and I have always been impressed at the dedication she has to her art and her characters. A lot happens in an Arlene Graham novel, but nothing happens by accident.

I once asked Arlene if any of my paintings reminded her of a scene from "To Walk Among the Stones". She wrote back as follows:

"I wrote with purpose and I wanted John Harper, one of the main characters, to feel devastated, destroyed — and just leave. So when I see your painting Black #1, I think of the text on page 228."

If you would like to read more about Arlene and "To Walk Among the Stones", you will find some links at the bottom of the page.

To Walk Among the Stones
by Arlene Graham

(excerpt from page 228...)

"...Defeated by the voice, John sank to his knees. The carpet of the president's office, rich and soft beneath him, reminded him of what he'd become. Who he'd become. He now could do whatever he wanted. He had the power to order men to their deaths. All to protect an "empire" of drugs and prostitution. He cursed the God of his youth for failing him. That God had deserted him, allowing him to become so cold, so ruthless.

"Alone he knelt, waiting for something, some absolution from somewhere, from his God, or from his ghost of his mentor. But nothing came. No sign, no peace. He stood and stumbled over to the president's chair.

"Sinking into the soft leather, his stomach turned. When he lifted his hands to his face, he stared at the blood embedded under his fingernails. His watch beeped. As the President of Collin Steel, he had appearances to keep. He'd go home, get some sleep, sober up a little and come back later. Maybe by then he could forget..."

"Black 1" [2000] by Harley Hahn
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My review of "To Walk Among the Stones"

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