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Errors and Corrections

Below is a list of all the known errors in the print edition of Harley Hahn's Guide to Unix and Linux, along with the corrections.

(Note: I have already made all these corrections in the online, Web-based, version of the book.)

If you find a another mistake, even a small one, in either version of the book, please take a moment to let me know. If you are the first person to find the error, I will give you credit in the list below. (Please check the list first.)

Report an error to Harley

Within the list, a red bullet [] indicates a serious error. So far, there are only three serious errors: on page 250 and page 508, found by Tae Shen of China; on page 545, found by Charly Campodonico of Argentina.

Errors without a credit were found by me.

Page xxxiii, Acknowledgements [found by Darlene Schueller]

Paragraph #7:

"Susan Peirce" → "Susan Pierce"

Page 26, Chapter 2 [found by Alan Iliff]

2nd last paragraph, line 1:

"entirely" → "entirety"

Page 34, Chapter 2 [found by Edouard Vachon]

Figure 2-5 (at the bottom of the page)

The caption is "The most important Linux live CDs". However, FreeBSD, which is listed in the table, is not a Linux distribution. Change the caption to: "The most important live CDs: Linux and FreeBSD"

Page 36, Chapter 2 [found by Jon Sudlow]

For Further Thought #2, line 3:

"Linux Torvalds" → "Linus Torvalds"

Page 39, Chapter 3 [found by Alan Iliff]

Paragraph 7, line 3:

"GE-45" → "GE-645"

Page 54, Chapter 3 [found by Steven Cox]

Review Question #1:

"termina" → "terminal"

Page 68, Chapter 4

Sample passwords near bottom of page:

To the right of the passwords, the explanations should be in the regular text font, not bold monospace.

Page 70, Chapter 4 [found by Doug Jones]

In the section "USERIDS AND USERS"

The continuation of the box from page 84 should be the same color. That is, it should be a bit lighter.

Page 85, Chapter 5 [found by Alan Iliff]

Top of the page:

The continuation of the box from page 84 should be the same color. That is, it should be a bit lighter.

Page 108, Chapter 6 [found by Skona Brittain]

Hint box, 2nd paragraph:

"Hold down the left <Alt> keys" → "Hold down the left <Alt> key" (singular).

Page 119, Chapter 6 [found by Doug Johnson]

Second hint, last sentence:

"Appendix G" should be "Appendix E".

Page 126, Chapter 6 [found by Alan Iliff]

8th line from the top:

"runlevel 0:" → "runlevel 6:"

Page 129, Chapter 6

"For Further Thought" #1, end of sentence 1:

Space is missing.

Page 165, Chapter 8 [found by Rick Udlock]

middle of page, last paragraph of "Displaying the Time and Date":

"Appendix H" → "Appendix F"

Page 167, Chapter 8 [found by Skona Brittain]

4th line from the bottom:

"The cal program" → "The calendar program"

Page 217, Chapter 9 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

Figure 9-8, under "General Commands":

To start the help tutorial, use h, not z.

Page 230, Chapter 10 [found by Skona Brittain]

The colored box at the top:

The two paragraphs following the box should be inside the box.

Page 232, Chapter 10

Section heading ("The Formal Description..."):

The word "syntax" is not a command, so it should be in the regular font, not monospace.

Page 237, Chapter 10

Review Question #2:

The general syntax of a Unix command should be on a line by itself, and each of the three parts should be in italics:

command-name options arguments

Page 250, Chapter 11 [found by Tao Shen]

The last example on the page.

The command echo $SHELL displays the name of the login shell. Instead, use echo $0. If that doesn't work, use ps -p $$.

Page 251, Chapter 11 [found by Skona Brittain]

Sample output under "Here is some typical output":

The third line of output should be two separate lines:


Page 258, Chapter 12 [found by Alan Iliff]

Third paragraph from the bottom:

"When this happens, is called the PARENT PROCESS..." →
"When this happens, the first process is called the PARENT PROCESS..."

Page 280, Chapter 13 [found by Skona Brittain]

Figure 13-2:

In the "Chapter" column, change 1213: for backslash, quote, double quote, braces, and dollar.

Page 285, Chapter 13 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

At the end of the second last paragraph:

Within the parentheses, after "on the other", add: "; this will make sense after we discuss pathnames in Chapter 24"

Page 286, Chapter 13 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

Second last line on the page:

The square bracket before "command" should not be bold.

Page 348, Chapter 15


The three numbered points are in the wrong font.

Page 354, Chapter 15 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

7th last last line on the page:

inputfileis → inputfile is

Page 355, Chapter 15 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

Near the bottom of the page, the first line under Subshells:

TTo → To

Page 358, Chapter 15 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

Middle of the page, first line of the paragraph that begins "So what is the limitation...":

>$!>&!  (the dollar sign should be an ampersand)

Page 360, Chapter 15 [found by Ryan Mathiot]

Middle of the page, end of paragraph that begins "And now the shortcut...":

redirect both standard input and standard error →
redirect both standard output and standard error

Page 478, Chapter 19

Section title:

"Create a Total Ordering..." → "Creating a Total Ordering..."

Page 485, Chapter 19 [found by Rick Udlock]

text below Figure 19-4, sentence 2:

"backslash (/)" → "backslash (\)"

Page 490, Chapter 19

First footnote, last line:

"<b>-i</b>" should be bold -i.

Page 508, Chapter 20 [found by Tao Shen]

Middle of paragraph 6 ("With other Unix systems..."), at the end of the 1st sentence:

"AaBbCcDd...Zz" → "aAbBcCdD...zZ"

Page 518, Chapter 20

Applying Your Knowledge #1:

In the first expression, "hello" is too far to the right.

Page 545, Chapter 21 [found by Charly Campodonico]

Middle of paragraph 4 ("In computer science..."), in the 2nd sentence ("For instance, the previous example..."):

"32 bits or 8 bytes of data" → "32 bits or 4 bytes of data"

Page 561, Chapter 22 [found by George Yaar]

Beginning of paragraph 3:

The first part of the sentence is printed twice. ("In the fall of 1975...")

Page 626, Chapter 22

For Further Thought #2:

In the 1st sentence, "ex" should be bold.

Page 636, Chapter 23 [found by Skona Brittain]

Top of page, line 2:

Within the syntax line, the word mode, printed in bold, should be printed in italics, because it is an argument.

Page 636, Chapter 23 [found by Skona Brittain]

Top of page, line 3:

In the line following the syntax line, the words mode and pipe should be printed in italics, not bold.

Page 698, Chapter 24 [found by Wayne Pollock]

Within Figure 24-5:

POSIX uses ! instead ^ to match characters not in a list:

Page 699, Chapter 24 [found by Wayne Pollock]

Second listing from the bottom of the page:

POSIX uses ! instead ^ to match characters not in a list:
ls [^Hh]*ls [!Hh]*.

Pages 703 and 705, Chapter 24

Running footer:

There is an extra space after the "-", within "ls -dhltu".

Page 753, Chapter 25 [found by Skona Brittain]

Figure 25-5, top section:

"filename contains pattern" → "filename matches pattern".

Pages 890, Glossary

"Zero file", sentence 3:

Should be: The zero file is one of two bit buckets, the other being the null file .

Page 905, Index [found by Wayne Pollock]

Under "filenames", after "hyphens and underscores in":

Add: naming 717-720

Page 906, Index [found by Wayne Pollock]

Under "files", after "named pipes":

Add: naming 717-720

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