Tidbits: Short Questions and Answers

Here are all the tidbits that I wrote for the 2003 (10th annivesary) Edition of "Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages", the last print edition of the book.

 1. What should believers know about ASTROLOGY AND RACISM?

 2. What should religious people know about ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS?

 3. What should fans know about watching BASKETBALL?

 4. What should backpackers know about BEARS?

 5. What should Americans know about CANADA?

 6. What should everyone know about avoiding COLDS?

 7. What should prospective fiancés know about DIAMONDS?

 8. What should cooks know about boiling EGGS?

 9. What should fishermen know about cleaning FISH?

10. What should mountain campers know about HIGH-ALTITUDE COOKING?

11. What should baseball fans know about HOT DOGS?

12. What should homebuyers know about buying a HOUSE?

13. What should plant lovers know about INDOOR PLANTS?

14. What should college students know about LETTERS OF REFERENCE?

15. What should honest people know about LIARS?

16. What should gamblers know about LOTTERIES?

17. What should lovers know about PAST RELATIONSHIPS?

18. What should men know about MENSTRUAL CYCLES?

19. What should first-time mothers know about NEWBORN BABIES?

20. What should new grandparents know about NEW PARENTS?

21. What should Internet buyers know about ONLINE AUCTIONS?

22. What should hikers know about SNAKE BITES?

23. What should homeowners know about THROWING STUFF AWAY?

24. What should Americans know about TRAVELING IN EUROPE?

25. What should men know about VALENTINE'S DAY?

26. What should athletes know about drinking enough WATER?

27. What should restaurant customers know about WINES?

28. What should anxious people know about WORRYING?

29. What should young women know about YOUNG MEN?

30. What should young men know about YOUNG WOMEN?

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